The Crew That Steers Us True
May 4, 2022

Sailing Ship

Starting a company is a lot like sailing a ship on the ocean for the first time. You might have a course charted and supplies ready, but you can never tell what the sea has in store for you. The waves could be mild for days and you think you’ll make landfall when suddenly a storm blows through, taking you in a completely different direction. You have to learn how to roll with those challenges and take advantage of them as best you can.

It’s fortunate that Jewel-Craft has been successful at navigating the open oceans of the jewelry business for 75 years. We’ve had our fair share of being blown about now and again, but we’ve always found our way back. Not only have we stayed the course, but we’ve flourished over the years.

Now, one might be tempted to say it takes a good captain at the helm to do so. Of course, we’ve had our fair share of good captains, people who’ve stepped up and led the way. But that’s not what has made us so successful at the end of the day. Because a ship is only ever as good as its crew.

The heart and soul of Jewel-Craft has always been our dedicated, extraordinary Pit Crew. For the past decades, they’ve kept this ship going and steered us true.

When we say our Pit Crew is our family, we don’t mean that they are “like” family either. For generations now, the Wesdorp family has grown and worked alongside our dedicated staff and their families at Jewel-Craft, honoring and cherishing the art of fine jewelry together. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the fine folks who make up our Pit Crew.

We’re incredibly grateful for our entire Pit Crew for joining our family and sharing our passion. It’s their commitment that propels us forward to create a legacy of excellence.

We reached our 75th milestone because of all your hard work and dedication. Here’s to another 75 years of thriving thanks to your incredible endeavors.

I am a goldsmith but do not have all of the tools and time to do my own custom work, so I work directly with Jewel Craft to make it easy for me and perfect for my clients. If I need a shank that is 2.35mm wide and provide my own diamonds, Jewel Craft follows all of my design details and makes the ring 2.35mm wide and sets the diamonds to perfection.
Raime, Raime Weber Jewelry
Jewel Craft makes it easy. I have goldsmiths on staff but when they are on vacation or we have overflow, I can count on Jewel Craft to get our repairs done so we don’t miss a beat. I also use them for custom design jobs due to their high level of technology and efficiency.
Donna, Boyle Jewelers
We have been working with Jewel Craft for over 20 years and I continue to use them because they are reliable. It’s like having my own 30,000 sq. foot shop, that’s how easy they are to work with. Expectations are always met and but most importantly, they are met in a timely matter.
Greg, Windsor Jewelers
I received my most recent repair work this morning and wanted to reach out before time and the season get away from me. I've been in the jewelry business for nearly 25 years and I've seen "the good, the bad and the ugly" come out of the repair shop. You and your staff have given me an opportunity to compete for repairs with quality service I can promote with confidence. Thank you so very much.
Carol Taylor, Forever Knot in Jackson, TN
We LOVE Jewel Craft. Their customer service and quality of work is why we have been using Jewel Craft for over 15 years. We use them for repairs as well as custom design and they really do make dreams come true for our customers.
Margaret, Engelberts
First batch of jobs just came back from Jewel-Craft, and we are VERY pleased! Excellent communication, quality work, quick turnaround, reasonable prices. Everything we hoped for! Thanks Ross!
Dan Hacker, Hacker Jewelers
I just wanted to take a minute to express “Much Thanks” to the team of people that take care of me on a daily basis. Alyssa, Stephanie, and Lisa are always on top of things for me. For the last couple of weeks, after I told them that I’m preparing to go on my first vacation in over a year, I’ve noticed that they’ve been working very hard to meet (and usually beat) my deadlines to help ensure that I can vacation worry-free about my jewelry repairs. That means so much to me.
Michael, Williamsburg Jewelers
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